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Unterland (Bale Wrap & Net Wrap)

Silage Bale Wrap pictureClifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies is a sales agent for Unterland Bale Wrap, Net Wrap and Twine to the UK market.

Unterland bale wrap, Net Wrap and Twine

Unterland Flexible Packaging GmbH is one of the leading producers of high-quality plastic films, offering the agricultural sector innovative, high-end stretch films for wrapping of silage bales. With over 50 years of experience and know-how in film extrusion, Unterland are a technology leader in the industry.

As an industry leader, Unterland is focused on quality. Raw materials and finished products are assessed on an ongoing basis in their in-house lab to ensure very high quality standards, Every roll core has its own serial number, to allow easy tracing of problems.

Agristretch Extra Plus

All the familiar advantages of this innovative co-extruded3-layer film, now with improved unwinding characteristics and greater temperature stability. Agristretch Extra Plus: for contractors‘ and farmers‘ increasing demands.

Like a seal
Bales which are optimally closed due to the sealing effect. Smooth, overlapping edges prevent water from creeping in between the layers of film.

Better bale handling
No annoying stickiness any longer. The special, gliding surface makes handling of the bales easier.

Less residue on the advance unit
The new, one-sided gluing system reduces residue on your advance unit and therefore allows for perfect pre-stretching.

Optimal flow
The excellent flow characteristics provide for trouble-free processing even under extreme conditions (moisture, temperature, bale size, bale shape).

Greater yield
The optimized stretch performance guarantees an especially high yield.Silage Bales in wrap, net and twine in field

Oxygen barrier
The special production using a blowing process with selected types of raw materials lends the film its imperviousness to oxygen.

Widths 500 mm 750 mm
Roll lengths 1.800 m 1.500 m
Rolls / pallet 24 rolls
UV – resistance 12 months, 110-180 kly / year

Pegasus, the strong stretch film for horse silage!

Compared to other animals horses are very demanding concerning the quality of their feed. Bale haylage produces high-quality feed which contains only low dust and is therefore ideal for horses. The wrapping of horse haylage with dry and woody stalks can cause problems. Unterland Flexible Packaging therefore offers a special blown extruded 3-layer stretch fi lm which meets these requirements: Pegasus, a more powerful, tougher and tighter stretchfilm compared to conventional stretchfilms.

Greater strength
Hard straws can penetrate the wrapping film. Pegasus is significantly stronger and can therefore bend hard straws downwards during the wrapping process.

Greater resistance to penetration
The straw stubble left in the field can puncture the film when the bales are laid on the ground. Pegasus is significantly stronger, and therefore prevents the wrapped bales from being penetrated.

Adheres better
Silage bales with horse fodder cannot be pressed in the usual manner, and that is why much oxygen is pressed into the bales. Pegasus adheres better which prevents additional oxygen from entering them.

Our tip
Don?t wrap your bales of silage for horses in dark colors. The strong thermal expansion of the bales encourages the production of condensation underneath the film. The unpleasant result is mould!

Widths 250 mm, 375 mm
Roll lengths 1.500 m
Packaging 1 roll / carton, 24 rolls / pallet
UV – resistance 12 months, 110-180 kly / years

Girl and Horse with Silage Wrap bale, net wrap and Twine

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