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Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies are delighted to supply high quality lime to our customers through our professional relationship with Lime Distributors.

The application of lime is a long-term agricultural benefit.

However, despite acting over a long period of time, lime makes a tremendous difference to the productivity of all farmland, both in real and economic terms.

Lime and Fertlilser Utilisation

The availability of plant nutrients is affected by the pH of the soil. The chart below shows the scale of availability. Significantly, this illustrates the increasing unavailability of the major plant nutrients, nitrogen, phosphate and potash (N, P and K) with a low pH, acid soil.

Acid conditions also show a marked reduction in availability of calcium, magnesium and sulphur.

Fertilisers and manure cannot be fully utilized if the land is short of lime

Get your lime levels correct for the crop you are growing and save yourself money!

Plant Food Availability and Plant requirement charts


ph Value Chart for Lime Testin
ph Value Chart for Lime Testin
Optimum ph level for crop growth
Optimum ph level for crop growth












Soil is a medium, which enables worms and microorganisms to break down animal and plant residues. This assists plant development but also produces soil acids, which have to be kept in balance if the process is to continue.

The build up of acidity places plants under stress and reduces their ability to utilise plant nutrients and organic matter.

Acid soils display significantly reduced bacteriological activity

Lime and Stock Well Being

Well-limed pastures encourage the growth of palatable and nutritious clovers and grasses

(e.g. perennial ryegrass) to replace the more acid loving meadow foxtail, agrostis and other weed grasses. The control in limed and unlimed grass plots is shown below with the less palatable weed grasses clearly visible on the unlimed area.

Trials conducted by ADAS show liming will increase the percentage of calcium within a plant and will encourage grass growth with a higher nutritional value for livestock.

Lime and Agro-Chemicals

The efficiency of some pesticides, insecticides and residual herbicides applied to the soil can be affected by acidity of the soil. Soils deficient in lime absorb chemicals more strongly than well-limed soils and thereby reduce the effect of the chemicals.

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