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HumberPalmers High Efficiency Fertilisers

Unique Products

Humber Palmers high efficiency fertilisers are manufactured from a specially selected range of ingredients to maximise dry matter out-put, whilst assisting in improving the environment, with their unique efficient phasing properties.

Includes a well-researched vegetable origin organic base, free from any weeds and pathogens, with a high level of humic substances, which assists in the ’phasing‘ ability of the fertilisers, available only in the Humber Palmers range.

Proven Research

Independent research has confirmed the following HumberPalmers benefits :-

  • Out-perform the best mineral fertilisers by up to 35% in terms of increased dry matter yield.
  • 25% higher take-up of applied nitrogen, phosphate and potash compared with high quality mineral fertiliser.
  • Considerably lowers soil and plant nitrate content.Imperative when caring for the environment.Essential under the Water Directive Rules.Increases Trace Element levels.

HumberPalmers is the complete fertiliser for use in order to meet the environmental objectives desired by Defra in the 21st century.

Trace Elements

Wide spectrum of available Trace Elements are contained in all grades of HumberPalmers benefiting the soil, plants and animals.

These include:


Independent farm trials have confirmed the use of HumberPalmers has helped to increase levels of trace elements enabling farmers to reduce the need of expensive mineral supplements and also reducing veterinary bills. Specific trace element deficiencies should be treated separately once identified.

Humic Substances and how they help fertilisers workHumic Substances

The specialist granulation process of HumberPalmers combines highly beneficial complex humic substances with mineral nutrients. Humic substances are best described as nature’s plant vitamins.


All grades contain sulphur acknowledged by Defra and leading Universities as essential for amino acid production – cysteine and methionine, – being the catalyst for the improved uptake of applied nitrogen and potash, increasing true protein and reducing nitrate levels in crops and soil reserves.

With levels of atmospheric deposition having declined by over 80% in the last 20 years, sulphur is now regarded as the 4th major nutrient for many crops.


Ease of Use

HumberPalmers fertilisers are true complete granules easily applied by modern fertiliser spreaders to 24m, allowing a much wider ‘spreading window’, reducing losses through volatisation and leaching, along with the many benefits of humic substances – ‘nature’s plant vitamins’.


HumberPalmers grades are available in 600kg IBC’s or 25kg bags on pallets of 1 tonne units.

Soil Analysis

We offer a soil analysis service to determine soil fertility, demanded by Farm Produce Assurance Schemes and under the SFP Regulations.




Humber Palmer Fertiliser Leaflet

Humber Palmer Fertiliser Leaflet

Main Products

HP No 2 (2-10-25-15S03)

Grassland Basic phosphate and potash for silage – autumn applied.

Arable Cereals – autumn seedbed applied.

Vegetables Field Scale Brassicas, Broad Beans etc.

HP No 2A (2-7-35-8S03)

As for HP No2, where there is a higher potash requirement.

HP No 8 (9-4-10-5Mg0-22.5S03)

Grassland Equine grazing especially light/sandy soils. Low stocking rates/extensive grazing.

Top Fruit Apples, Pears etc.

HP No 9 (9-12-15-19S03)

Arable Root crops (potatoes-beet, mangolds, turnips etc.). Winter oilseed rape.

Vegetables Courgettes, sweetcorn etc.

HP No 10 (10-10-10-25.5S03)

Traditional 1.1.1 ratio for grassland or arable, following a ley where P & K status low.

Vegetables General base dressing, Asparagus 2nd and subsequent years.

Grassland Sheep/goats semi intensive grazing.

HP No 11 (10-5-16-31.5S03)

Grassland Establishment grass/clover low k status. Equine grazing.

Arable Forage Maize.

Vegetables Brassicas, onions, leeks etc.

HP No 12 (1­2-6-6-37S03)

Low stocking rates/extensive grazing of mountain and moor.

HP No 13 (14-6-8-32.5S03)

Grassland Spring re-seeds, grazing for beef and sheep.

Arable Spring cereals-seedbed incorporated.

HP No 15 (16-4-4-35S03)

Grassland Spring re-seeds, grazing for beef & sheep.

HP No 16 (18-2-12-26S03)

Grassland 2nd cut silage/aftermath grazing.

Arable Forage maize (high volumes slurry applied).

Vegetables Field scale vegetables – rhubarb, pumpkins, squash etc.

HP No 17A (18-4-4+1MgO+32.5SO3)

Grassland Spring/summer application for grazing/silage.

Arable Spring cereals – seedbed incorporated.

HP No 18 (20-4-5-2Mg0-26S03)

Grassland Spring/summer application for grazing/silage.

Arable Spring top dressing – extra value of sulphur.

HP TOP N (21-1-0-1Mg0-32.5S03)

A Sulphur N grade with the addition of Magnesium for top dressing grassland and vegetable crops.

HP NITRAGRO (26-2-0-2Mg0-30.5S03)

Specialist top dressing including magnesium & sulphur for grassland, arable and vegetable crops.

Special Product Range

HP No 1 (0-12-18-14S03)

Grassland Autumn dressing of pastures for P & K maintenance.
Autumn/Winter application for silage/hay.

Arable Winter cereals – seedbed applied.
Peas and Beans (N not required).

HP No 3 (3-15-15-15.5 S03)

Grassland Autumn reseeding, maintenance of phosphate and potash.

Arable Cereals – seedbed incorporation.

HP No 6 (with Sulphate of Potash) (7-5-12S/P – 3.5Mg0-35S03)

Arable Specialist early potato production.

Fruit Soft fruit and bush fruit.

Vegetables Protected and glasshouse crops.

HP No 6A (with Sulphate of Potash) (12-3-18S/P-33S03)

Higher rate of Sulphate of potash for intensive production of protected and glasshouse fruit and vegetable crops.

SPECIAL HP No 11 with Boron 10-5-16-31.5S03+B)

For crops susceptible to deficiency of secondary elements.

SPECIAL HP No 11 plus magnesium & manganese with Boron (10-5-16-2.4Mg0-31.5S03 + Mn + B)

For crops susceptible to deficiency of secondary elements.

HP NITRIPAL (with additional trace elements) (18-2-0+4MgO+34SO3)

Field scale horticulture – top dressing.
Protected vegetable and glasshouse crops.

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