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Short Term Leys (2-3 years)

Short Term Leys
(2-3 years)
Clamp Buster
For High Yields of Quality Silage
19% DAVINCI Italian Ryegrass
16% MERIBEL Italian Ryegrass
27% GEMINI Italian Ryegrass (T)
38% BASTILLE Hybrid Ryegrass (T)
100% 12 kg / acre
• At least two bullky cuts of silage a year for up to
three years
• Potential for excellent autumn grazing
• Blend of diploids and tetraploids for yield and forage
• High tetraploid content to maximise sugars
Clover Cut
A high protein content ley which can be cut several times a season
36% AMALGAM Hybrid Ryegrass (T)
36% ENDURO Hybrid Ryegrass (T)
28% RED ADMIRAL Red Clover Blend
100% 11 kg / acre
• Produces high energy and high protein silage
• Red Clover will fix valuable nitrogen
• Potential for aftermath grazing
• RED ADMIRAL red clover blend delivers consistently
high yields for the duration of the ley
Benefits of Red Clover

Red Clover offers several benefits when grown within a grass ley. Most importantly is its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen of up to 150 kg N per ha (120 units per acre) annually. As well as this Red Clover can also increase the protein content of silage by up to 20%, and therefore higher milk yields and liveweight gains can be achieved when compared to grass only silage. Red Clover leys are also an ideal gateway into organic farming systems, by fixing nitrogen in the subsequent crop and improving soil structures.

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