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Soil Fertility Dunns: Gafsa Phosphate Fertiliser & Organic Fertiliser

Soil Fertility Dunns - Gafsa Phosphate Fertiliser

Gafsa Phosphate Fertiliser by Soil Fertility Dunns

Gafsa rock phosphate is generally accepted as being the best ground mineral phosphate available, containing valuable minerals and trace elements.

SFD’s new life range, which has been very successful to date, has now been complimented with the ‘Powercrop Range’ of PK fertilisers whereas our New Life range contains both water soluble phosphate and Gafsa steady release phosphate, ideal for grass re-seeds and winter cereals. The Powercrop range contains 100% Gafsa as the phosphate source.

Powercrop 1, 2 & 3 can be applied in the autumn to a variety of crops such as established silage and grazing fields, then in the spring nitrogen can be applied to complement the system.

About our organic range…………
“Approved Products”

Power grades

0-29.5-0 Gafsa Basic

Steady release powder, loaded with minerals and trace elements
Granular Grades
1-27-0 Phosmin (G27)

Granular version of Gafsa basic.
Helps to improve the palatability of grass swards.

“Restricted Products”

Granular Grades

0-22-9 Natural 1

Ideal for fields that are low in phosphate. Natural 1 contains adequate levels of sulphate of potash for grazing systems.

0-18-17 Natural 2

A balanced fertiliser containing phosmin and sulphate of potash. General purpose fertiliser for grass and cropping systems.

0-13-26 Natural 3

Suitable for high yielding crops such as winter wheat or grass silage. Ideal for fields that re low for potash and moderate for phosphate.

0-0-50 + 45%So3 Sulphate of Potash

Suitable for correcting low soil potash indexes.

0-0-16 +32%Na20(sodium) Meadowsalt

A natural source of potash, sodium, sulphur, boron, iron, calcium & manganese. Meadowsalt will stimulate your stocks’ appetite and reduce wastage in grazed fields.

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  1. Now then Clifford! Do you deliver to North Island NZ?

    Was just hunting for something on the internet and your site comes up as the first for SFD!

    I trust this find you and Jen and well and enjoying the summer (!)

    All good here in NZ. Similar challenges as to back home, but it’s cheerful and are enjoying our new environment. Settling in quickly and making friends. Expecting a new baby in November and have finally bought a house. So as much as we miss glorious Devon, we’re happy and not regretting our decision to move to the otherside of the world.

    Take good care of yourselves and each other!

    Mike, Jess and an every growing Jasper.

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