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  • Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies

    Offering you great prices and a friendly service on: Fertiliser, Silage Bale and Net Wrap, Lime, Seeds, Ear Tags, Animal Health Products, Hoof Care Products and many other products!!!

    Range of Agricultural Machinery NOW available from Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies. Go to our Agricultural Machinery section now for more details.

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  • Our Suppliers Include

    HumberPalmers (Fertiliser), Soil Fertility Dunns (Fertiliser), Origin (Fertiliser), Unterland (Bale Wrap, Net Wrap & Twine), Markrite Tags (Cattle/Sheep/Pig ear tags), Limagrain UK (Seed's), Lime Distributors (Lime), JG Animal Health (Trace Elements, Minerals, Vitamins, Drenches etc) and DP Agri Products (Hoof Care products) .

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  • Silage Bale Wrap, Net Wrap and Twine at great prices!

    Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies through our supplier Unterland Bale Wrap, Net Wrap and Twine to the UK market. Very competitive prices without compromising quality!!!

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  • Healmax

    The Solution for Digital Dermatitis/Mortellaro

    Healmax Spray is a new addition to our range. It comes in a ready to use bottle with an easy spray on applicator attached. Our customers are saying that it is a highly effective once off treatment for the control of Digital Dermatitis/Mortellaro. or call 01837 82320. Read More

Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies are based in Devon and we are also able to supply you with your agricultural products in Cornwall, Somerset and the South West of England. Our suppliers include:

* HumberPalmers - High efficiency fertilisers

* Soil Fertility Dunns - Fertiliser including New Life range containing Gafsa steady release phosphate etc

* Origin - Fertiliser

* Limagrain UK - Seeds, Ley Mixtures including: Clamp Buster, Clover Cut, Heavy Crop, Equipaddock and Smallholder

* Unterland - Silage Bale Wrap, Net Wrap & Twine

* Lime Distributors - Agricultural Lime and Mobile seed cleaning

* Markrite Tags - Cattle tags, Sheep tags and Pig ear tags

* JG Animal Health - Trace Elements, Minerals, Vitamins, Drenches etc

* DP Agri Products - Products include Healmax which eradicates Dermatitis from problematic hoofs in 2 weeks

For more in-depth information on the products that we can supply you with and our suppliers please see the section immediately below or call 01837 82320 for a no obligation chat.

We are an independent business meaning we can offer you great prices and a very friendly personal service whilst keeping the market competitive.

HumberPalmers (Fertiliser)

HumberPalmers high efficiency fertilisers are manufactured from a specially selected range of ingredients to maximise dry matter out-put, whilst assisting in improving the environment, with their unique efficient phasing properties. Includes a well-researched vegetable origin organic base, free from any weeds and pathogens, with a high level of humic substances, which assists in the ’phasing‘ ability of the fertilisers, available only in the HumberPalmers range....

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Soil Fertility Dunns (Fertiliser)

SFD’s new life range, which has been very successful to date, has now been complimented with the ‘Powercrop Range’ of PK fertilisers whereas our New Life range contains both water soluble phosphate and Gafsa steady release phosphate, ideal for grass re-seeds and winter cereals. The Powercrop range contains 100% Gafsa as the phosphate source...

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Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies is proud to be an authorised supplier of Origin Fertilisers range of Straights, Organic and Nitrogen Fertilisers. Origin Fertilisers (UK) Limited is the premium supplier of blended and straights fertilisers to the UK agricultural industry and are members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) and the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS)...

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(Bale Wrap, Net Wrap & Twine),

Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies through our supplier Unterland Bale Wrap, Net Wrap and Twine to the UK market. Unterland Flexible Packaging GmbH is one of the leading producers of high-quality plastic films, offering the agricultural sector innovative, high-end stretch films for wrapping of silage bales...

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Markrite Tags (Cattle/Sheep/Pig ear tags)

Four reasons to choose your Sheep, Cattle or Pig Tags through Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies.

1) Same day replacement tags

2) Fast turnaround

3)Production in minutes

4) DEFRA approved

A broad range of DEFRA approved polyurethane cattle identity tags both replacement tags and new calf tags

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JG Animal Health

(Trace Elements, Minerals, Vitamins, Drenches etc)

JG Animal Health is a company specialising in Minerals, Vitamins & Natural Animal Health. With over 20 years spent within these industries and having looked at the assortment of products on the market it was time to launch a range of products specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of today’s livestock industry.

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Limagrain UK


The LG range of leys continue to build on their strong past of providing top quality seed mixtures for all classes of stock with an easy to select product range. Based on sound agronomic values, each of the grasses and clovers used are selected for their compatibility within the mixture to produce high yields of quality forage and selected from the NIAB/SAC recommended lists.

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Lime Distributors


Clifford Dennis Agricultural Supplies are delighted to supply high quality lime to our customers through our professional relationship with Lime Distributors. The application of lime is a long-term agricultural benefit. However, despite acting over a long period of time, lime makes a tremendous difference to the productivity of all farmland, both in real and economic terms.

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Why pay more when it is likely that we will be able to save you money whilst offering you a friendly and personal service.....

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For Rakes, Tedders, Disc Mowers, Twin Rotor Rakes, Bale Processors and Inline Bale Wrappers visit our partners AMIA by clicking on the banner below!

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